What to do on Tatooine

1. Go there!  (It’s hard to do the rest without doing this step.)  To fly to Tatooine, go to the Millennium Falcon at the Dock. 

When you arrive at the Millennium Falcon, waddle to the bottom right corner of the screen.  A menu should pop up showing the various planets you can visit.  Select Tatooine.

2.  You will arrive next to some bones.  Ignore the dueling Jedi and waddle over to the confused-looking Stormtrooper.

3.  Their are 3 levels to this game.  Select the first (and the only currently available to you at the moment) to begin.

Left-clicking shoots and the space bar, the left and right arrow keys, and a and d can be used to move in your oversized lunchbox of a fort.

You are trying to shoot the Stormtroopers on the horizon with the REALLY hard snowballs shoot out of your gun.  Unfortunately, the Stormtroopers also have guns that shoot REALLY hard snowballs.  Although they are extremely poor at aiming, if they do manage to hit you, the force of it will knock away your gun and you will be forced to surrender.  The usual way for them to disarm you is to blow up the lunch box you are trying to hide behind.  Every time one of their snowballs hits your lunchbox, it will take damage.  The lunchboxes are made of an extremely volatile material that does not like being hit with REALLY hard snowballs.  If hit with too many, they will explode.  Luckily, a puffle with a droid hat will come periodically to repair the most broken box.  It is recommended you hide behind this one, rather than the other, as it will hold up with more integrity.

After defeating the other Stormtroopers, dramatic music will play and the Stormtrooper Boss will come out.  Because he has a (much) higher amount of armor than the other stormtroopers, it is advised that you machine-gun it.  Watch out, as in the bonus level, he has minions with him AND throws grenades at you, in contrast to earlier levels.

Star Wars Takeover Started!

The Star Wars party has just started, and in case you’ve been sticking your head in the snow, here are some sneak peaks:

More details coming soon.

Club Penguin University Coming Soon!

Club Penguin finally realized that a very important part of a community was missing: a school!  Here’s a sneak peek of the school, along with a path to the Dojo:

Everyday Phoning Facility Being Fixed (Finally)!

The Everyday Phoning Facility (after SEVEN _____ING MONTHS!) is finally being repaired.  By the way, the giant phones don’t work (or so Rookie says).

In other news, puffles will now dig up coins randomly as you waddle.  You can earn up to five stamps relating to this, three of which were shown in the previous post.  This is what it looks like:

for the black puffle.  Different puffles dig in different ways.

On a completely unrelated note, Club Penguin has just announced that a Star Wars Takeover for July this year.

Coming soon: New Stamps!

The Club Penguin  team just released pictures of new stamps:


Unfortunately, they did not tell us what they were, and instead asked us what we thought they were.  I believe one would earn them after earning ____ coins in a puffle related game.  Other guesses included:

I think you get them by buying your puffle stuff.

Maybe more puffle rescue stamps?

Something to do with blue puffles and saving 50 coins?

Maybe we’ll get stamps for taking good care of our puffle?


A new game for puffles is what I’m guessing. and judging by the second stamp we will be… climbing a tree? It looks like a tree.

On a completely unrelated note, Rookie lost his pet rock, and Gary (despite extensive experimentation) is unsure why the giant bottle of hot sauce in the Pizza Parlor was stolen.  Herbert continues to keep a low profile.

Recent News

Last week, an avalanche troubled the island when it buried the Dojo (again!?).  Soon after we shoveled the snow away, an epic snowstorm hit the whole of Club Penguin.  Jet Pack Guy had this to say on the subject:

Warning all agents.  Nearly crash landed when a strong wind knocked me off course.  Not every day I fly through flurries as dangerous as those.  Real chilly up there.

According to Sensei, both were caused by three snowmen: Sly (1), Scrap (2), and Tank (3)




Personally, I think we should make snow forts, hook up a hose to a giant bottle of hot sauce, and spray them.  What do you think?

In other news, the Dojo has been reconstructed with some key new features.  The first thing one would notice if they came for a visit is the lack of a Ninja Hideout. In its place, the next feature was added.

The entrances to the dojos of specific elements  are now in the Dojo.

Fire Dojo:

Water Dojo:

Snow Dojo:

And speaking of the Snow Dojo, it looks like this:


Marvel Superhero Takeover End Postponed!

I haven’t posted in a long time. Too long.  Anyhow, I will be posting again at least every week until August. But enough with the formalities, let’s actually go to the subject of the post.

Apparently Club Penguin decided to postpone the end of  the Marvel Superhero Takeover party. Either that, or they don’t know today is Wednesday and yesterday is Tuesday. Just take a look at this newspaper clipping:

I’m kind of leaning toward the second choice.

On a completely unrelated note, fireworks are are being launched and are visible at the Iceberg and the Ski Hill. They’re not as good as the ones at New Year’s, but I love the finale.

Asteroid Lands on Club Penguin!

A large asteroid has landed on Club Penguin! It was slightly smaller than the average igloo (as in the tiny igloo non-members are stuck with). I was walking at the Dock and I wondered why a purple fiery thingy was rapidly growing in size up in the sky. Then it hit me.

I guess those reinforcements Gary made to the armor during the Medieval Party turned out to be useful. Now all I need to do is get out from under here. Good thing I brought my shovel…

Puffle Transformation

Wondering what these humongous puffles are doing here? Well, wonder no more! Blak472 will tell you the answer! They are transformed penguins.



After the transformation, your player card looks like this:

To transform, head on over to the puffle play area!

Pi Day and Other News

For those of you who aren’t as geeky as I am, pi day is March 14, and written down in M/DD

format, looks like 3/14, or 3.14.  So, from Blak472,


Also, the Puffle Party coming up tomorrow with a twist for members:

This is finally using something from a Club Penguin Improvement Project at clubpenguin.com/cpip [dead URL]

I can check it out because I became a Member last week. :)